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If Parentsā€™ call happen in Organizationsā€¦

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Weird it may sound, but human imagination can be stirred then and now. Once in a while, momentary visit to Utopia may be tolerated.

ā€œChildren today are tyrants. They contradict their parents, gobble their food and tyrannize their teachers.ā€ What about BIG children? They contradict themselves, gobble their own words and tyrannize their employers. Well, not everyone.

To a parent, a child is a child foreverā€¦ they try utmost to act like their parents but the change in designation is irreversible until reincarnation. That too is subject to approval by the omnipresent ā€˜Managing Directorā€™. So we can derive a fact that parents will remain the supreme authority. Now the food for thought is…why not use this existing, free of remuneration resource to benefit organizations. Parents give lot of attention towards schooling, report cards, tuitions, homework etc. So if parents continue with their vigilance even in adulthood, is there any harm? Weekly parentsā€™ meeting can be held to discuss agenda and course of action.

According to Experts, children may classified into 3 types: flexible, fearful and feisty. Parent of BIG flexible children can live their life in peace until and unless their manipulation level surges from subtle to obvious and the office becomes their ground for politics.

Fearful children are quiet and shy with adaptation problem. They are misinterpreted in an organization. Gossips will flow about them. Why? Because people fail to understand their nature. Some will think that they are dumb, spineless, or at the extreme, as crooked. Appraisal scores get affected. So it is better off not to be in this category. Company can entrust his or her parent the onus to change their kid. What can the parents do? Instead of sending maid to market, they can send their child to buy onions at a bargained price. Stop them from using any other means of transport other than boarding metro rail during the rush hours. After few days, the child will belong to either flexible group or the feisty one. Atleast they will have a rock solid identity.

And now the feisty group. BIG children with traits of high level of aggression, nagging, whining, negative persistence etc. In this case, ā€œParents must get across the idea that I love you always, but sometimes I do not love your behaviourā€. Parents and organizations dwell in the same boat. They are empathetic to each other. They can together take a vow to end their tyranny. I feel parents of feisty BIG children can think of resorting to sainthood. That will save them from all the trouble.

It is difficult to identify each BIG kid this way. Their may be combinations which may be humane or hazardous. Whatever the personality may be, for some people certain basic habits do not seem to depart. For e.g. late coming. System can be made for putting late mark in the diary which will be regularly seen by parent and they can make their child stand at doorstep for the time equivalent to the time delayed for reaching office. No urgency should be considered.

More e.g.s like toilet training. It is a very dissappointing and irritating job to put up notices. It can be forwarded as an ardent request. Organizations can say, ā€œParents, please make them do somersault if you want. Put a lock in the toilet. Do as you please. But please train them.ā€

Usage of office phones in such a way as if there is no concept of phone bill. Nothing can stop the regular delinquent. Parents can teach them a lesson by making all long distant calls from their kidā€™s phone and not contributing a single penny in the payment of bill.

Many more are there like keeping workplace clean, to eat during lunch breaks as health is wealth etc. Appraisal sheet should be signed by parents so that no employee can ever accuse of manipulation of scores.

This way management can shrug off few responsibilitiesā€¦but what about the flip side? Parents will form ā€œParents Forumā€. Management generally struggles with trade unions. Can they juggle Parents Union also? Parental love is the strongest of all. Will management be able to meet all the dues of employees on time or afford to face the wrath of parents? I apologise for consuming time of readers. But do not blame me. I wrote in the beginningā€¦weird it may sound. Isnā€™t?

Sudipta Panja