Motivation-Key to Success

Motivation is defined as the process that initiates, guides and maintains goal-oriented behavior. It causes us to act whether it is getting a glass of water to quench thirst or reading a book to acquire knowledge.
Huczynski defined motivation from 3 perspectives: in terms of the goals towards which human behavior is directed, as the process through which goals are pursued and achieved, and the social factors involved.
Motivation may be extrinsic or intrinsic. Extrinsic motivation arises from outside of an individual and involves rewards such as trophy, money , praise. Intrinsic motivations arise from within the individual such as solving crossword puzzle purely for personal gratification of solving a problem.
Depending upon the nature of work organization should understand the type of motivation employee is looking for and accordingly motivate to bring out the best of an individual.
Organizations where working hours are long should concentrate on accurate timing and zero absenteeism. People coming on time, people present on all working days should be rewarded. This motivates people to be more dedicated to their work place.
Call Centres where employee has to be patient even while handling irate customers should be rewarded based on quality of call taken by them whether there was customer orientation, query resolution and sympathy towards the customer. Thus employees are motivated towards bringing out the very best out of them.
But in some other cases like print media, where creativity and innovation goes hand in hand most employee wants appreciation for hard work in order to be highly motivated. Here personal rewards hardly makes any difference. Appreciation for hard work motivates them to bring out their creative potential.
Thus identifying the right type of motivation employee is looking for helps bringing out the best from each individual and creates a sense of belonging towards the company among themselves.


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