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Dear Friends,

Performance Management is one of the strong areas of People Power! Our team of HR Consultants are busy all year round facilitating Performance Appraisals at client sites.

I would like to have your views on a specific query relating to performance appraisals. My first query is;

Whether Reporting Officer (R1) and Reviewing Officer (R2)can be of the same designation? There are no levels. Designation is the only means of determining hierarchy.

If you have answered my question in your mind, please consider this case study and advise.

There’s a company with its registered office at Kolkata. It has three manufacturing units in the northern and eastern parts of India. The MD, ED, Marketing Head and GM Finance & Accounts sit in Kolkata. The ED and Marketing Head report to the MD. The Finance & Accounts Head (GM)reports to the ED.

There are three Unit Heads. Two of them are General Managers. One unit head is Asst.Works Manager. All Unit Heads report to ED.

There is a Manager Accounts at all three units. They report administratively (for leave, local bills approval, MIS etc.) to the Unit Heads (GM) and functionally (for accounts related technical advise, audit, statutory compliance, cash management etc)to the Head Finance & Accounts (GM).

Who should be the R1 Officer?

Please advise!

Sunil Pareek

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