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Specialized HR services in India very often get identified with placement or recruitment agencies. This is the broad public perception. In professional circles, specialized HR services in India have been availed of for a host of organizational issues:

  • Performance Management Systems including appraisal and evaluation
  • Compensation structuring and benchmarking studies
  • Reward & Recognition mechanisms
  • HRIS automation
  • Assessment centers
  • Organizational design and structuring
  • Organizational climate, culture and effectiveness studies
  • Hr audit in India
  • Employee morale, motivation and perception studies???

Organizations often look for customized and specialized interventions in diverse areas from external agencies or individuals. With the evolution of Indian organizations, new areas are coming under the scope of specialized HR services in India .
Peoplepower brings you the entire range of services mentioned above to make it simple for you. We are giving below a list of things where we can be of immense help for you.

  • If you are a start up or Greenfield project you can outsource your entire HR, IR and Admin functions to us.Our team experienced in Greenfield situations will set up your HR Systems and Processes. We will run your HR Department for you in the initial turbulent years and then handover to your internal team. You can continue with our retained services in the later years if there is a need.
  • .If you are in the SME section and do not want the hassle of taking on non-core areas like HR and IR on your own shoulders you can outsource the department to us on a B2B basis. Our team will seat at your premises and run your HR Department. There will be continuity in services without you being affected by attrition etc since it’s a B2B relationship.
  • You may be a large family owned and managed large corporate house. You may be having problems with your Senior HR Team in translating your vision and values into action. There may be a disconnection between the owners/top management and the professional HR Team. Under such situations you could put our specialized advantage to good use. We have substantial experience and exposure to good use. We have substantial experience and exposure to family managed business and have been useful to owners for sensitive and confidential mandates on a B2B basis. Our senior consulting team can be deployed full time at the HR Head level to translate your vision and values into action through your in-house HR Team in the mid/junior levels.
  • The above options are all about complete outsourcing of HR. However you may want to engage us for specific and specialized areas only. In that case we will work with or parallel to your own HR Team in those specific areas like:
  • Change Management
  • Performance Management System
  • Training and Development
  • Reward and Growth Mechanisms
  • Organisational Restructuring
  • Compensation Restructuring and similar issues