Know Yourself

What’s The Secret of Your Success

What kind of a person are you?
How do you relate to the world?

Are You Plain or Attractive

How do other people see you?
Do they notice you or just ignore?

Life’s Victors

George Mallory
“Winner & Mountaineer”

What is your Organisational Identity? Do your employees know what you stand for? Who is accountable for each task? Are reporting relationships clear? How do you make employees feel important and professionally fulfilled? Do you pay your employees in the "right way"? Do you have a corporate handbook which talks about your vision,mission, goals, values etc.Do you have an employee handbook which is a ready reckoner on your policies, procedures, norms and FAQ’s which all employees , new or veteran are concerned with. Do you have an HR Handbook for circulation to HOD’s and line managers which talks about the HR angle in administrative decisions? Line managers daily take decisions where the HR aspect is important, statutorily IR wise and for core HR issues like retention ect

Organisational Structure is the framework that defines formal accountabilities, decision making authority, execution channels and reporting relationships within the organisation. It needs to be put in place or perhaps altered depending upon the organisation,s culture, goals, competencies, environmental factors or a change in the corporate strategy of the organisation. In a properly drawn up organisation structure, the internal customer-vendor relationships are also defined, which streamlines work flows and increases the overall efficiency of the process.

The Organisational Structure has a bearing on employee status and growth too. Employees look for visible growth, rituals and symbols in the Organisation which represent their status and position. They require designations, grades, perquisites and corporate formalities to give them a sense of worth and success which cannot be had through money alone.

If the requirement arises, People Power would help you structure / restructure your organisation, its hierarchy, designations, compensation and benefits et al. This would be done with a focus on organisational goals and strategy as conceived while working on your fundamentals...