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Early History and Genesis


People Power was born on 12th January, 2002, at Calcutta. The CEO and Principal Consultant, Sandeep Mukherjee, quit his long professional service career in HR, General Management and Marketing to take the embryonic concept of "People Power" ahead, on its logical path of fructification. Prior to the formal birth of People Power, he had a private practice in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) based behavioural therapy and counseling for individuals and families.The origins of this firm (and its core flavor) are tied up with its highly successful behavioural interventions and help provided to individuals, families and organisaton We felt hat Indian Business. From day

one, People Power consciously positioned itself and focused on its core areas : providing complete Human Resource Management and Organisational Development related services on an outsourced / contractual mode to Indian Business Houses (mostly family owned and managed).However MNCs and professionally managed organizations too availed of our services since our early days, in specific areas like training,staffing,psychometric assessments at all.

Positioning and Rationale Local business were suffering from a lack of customized and 'Indianised' concepts & applications in HR and Business Consulting Services. We perceived that Indian Entrepreneurs need someone who can deliver guidance and success in the " local / real" context in which their businesses operate. They need someone who will understand them and their people, as they are! Someone who will not talk down to them for being 'non-westernised' or "unprofessional" (whatever that means !). And above all, someone who will be able to adapt HR and Management Theories and Concepts to the operating realities of local Indian businesses and existing employees of their organizations.In the above context we, at People Power, understand and have genuine conviction about Indian Culture, ethos, mind set and sociological dynamics. We have developed and adapted HR Concepts and Tools to match specific requirements. We have worked seamlessly with Indian entrepreneurial ventures and family owned / managed businesses of all sizes and scale. And we have delivered success to our clients!

Capabilities & Deployment


The Principal Consultant is a management professional with a Master Certification in NLP. His exposure to management thought and practices is wide and varied. He has wide exposure to behavioural study and applications, with a rich and positive reference base amongst Industrialists, their families and employees. Our Consultants are from either management or behavioural science background, with very focused grooming and training for the specific requirements of our kind of clientele and their operating environments. We operate extensively accross India…. Kolkata, Orissa, Jharkhand, Mumbai, Nasik, Goa, Gujarat, Rajasthan, NCR , Uttaranchal and UP. Our overseas assignments and operations are in Iran and Bangladesh.

People Power over the Years …


We have executed assignments in HR and Organisational Development in large, medium and small organizations in sugar, textiles, paper, glass, steel, coal, sponge iron, wire, engineering, inks, auto components, realty, IT, BPO, financial services, designing & printing, logistics et al. These cover the entire range of HR and OD related services….