Know Yourself

What’s The Secret of Your Success

What kind of a person are you?
How do you relate to the world?

Are You Plain or Attractive

How do other people see you?
Do they notice you or just ignore?

Life’s Victors

George Mallory
“Winner & Mountaineer”

Do you have properly drawn up administrative norms, employee entitlements and statutory compliance systems? Are your norms and processes well-understood and administered? IiS YOUR ORGANISATION COMPLIED STATUTORILY.Are we at risk on important issues like PF, ESI, Factory Act, Industrial Disputes Act etc.

It is not only important to draw up the norms and policies, but of similar criticality is the proper communication of these to employees through documentation and training. We help you to collate your norms and processes; design new norms where necessary; check their legal viability and compare them with accepted practices. We deliver well documented norms and processes and t rain or counsel your staff on the same.