HR Audit & Organisational Diagnostics

Know Yourself

What’s The Secret of Your Success

What kind of a person are you?
How do you relate to the world?

Are You Plain or Attractive

How do other people see you?
Do they notice you or just ignore?

Life’s Victors

George Mallory
“Winner & Mountaineer”


( Please give top of the mind responses without thinking too much; go for those options that talk about your most frequently used or most comfortable style )
1) When you select /buy a dress do you base your decision on :
a) Colour/design/style of the garment
b) On the feel, texture and comfort of the garment
c) On what people will say or what you've heard about it
2) When you meet a new person your opinion is mostly created by :
a) Personality, grooming and body language
b) Person's ideas, articulation and conversation
c) The way he/she makes you feel
3) You tend to get attracted /fall in love through :
a) Great sex or touch/feel and comfort
b) Good interactions and compatibility of ideas
c) Looks, attractive appearance and glamorous personality
4) Do you like your workstation/workplace because :
a) It is neat, tidy and well designed
b) Meaningful, intellectual/content rich discussion among colleagues
c) Comfort and hygiene
5) Do you get upset/fight over :
a) What the other person says and the way he says things
b) The way the person touches and makes you feel through physical presence and environment
c) The person's body language , gestures or way of presentation of things
6) You communicate best with people when you :
a) Have face-to-face meetings
b) Talk on the telephone
c) Getting together to share an activity (e.g. walking, sharing drinks, playing golf, etc.)
7) You learn new things most easily by if you :
a) Receive verbal instructions
b) See visuals, graphs or demonstrations
c) Get hands on experience
8) How is your memory? You tend to :
a) Remember best the things you have done and carry feelings (viz., anger, pleasure, etc. ) for a long time
b) Remember names, words and numbers
c) Forget names, but remember faces
9) During leisure time, you prefer to :
a) Watch television, video or go to the movies
b) Do something physical, athletic or which requires manual skills
c) Listen to music, radio or read books
10) What makes you suspect someone is lying to you?
a) The way they look or avoid looking at you or through their body language
b) Their tone of voice and the way they speak
c) A feeling you get about their sincerity
11) While teaching someone you prefer to :
a) Explain verbally , discuss at length and repeat words/ concepts
b) Demonstrate and let them have a go; provide opportunity for trying out things first hand  
c) Use visuals , write on the board or point at things
12) During tests/exams you :
a) Remember the learning environment, the lessons you used and applied in life, the weight and feel of the reading material or have a "feeling" for the right answer
b) Remember the book, page and classroom related to the study
c) Recollect the exact words, verbal nuances and tone used related to the subject