Know Yourself

What’s The Secret of Your Success

What kind of a person are you?
How do you relate to the world?

Are You Plain or Attractive

How do other people see you?
Do they notice you or just ignore?

Life’s Victors

George Mallory
“Winner & Mountaineer”

Are you apprehensive in having too many people on your payroll. Do you want to avoid having non-core deprtments/verticals on your payroll.Do you want to avoid future employment liability for unskilled/semiskilled people.Doyou want flexibility in hiring and separation for certain categories of employee.Employment outsourcing is an option you may like to consider.

Employees of all categories serving with you can be brought on our payroll whereby we will take their formal employment related responsibilities. We have registration under PF,ESI whereby we can provide employee outsourcing services on our payroll. So all categories of employees working with you can be brought under our formal employment

As per this mail you would either source and select employees and/or transfer existing employees on to our payroll.During separation at your convenience the handling of the same would be done by us since they are on our payroll.

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