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Jobs with People Power

People Power recruits all round the year for manning our ongoing HR & OD assignments for which we invite applications from suitable candidates, MBA(HR) or Masters in Behavioral Sciences or Social Welfare.






We are a reputed OD and HR consulting firm. We specialise in customising HR solutions for Indian Family managed firms, including small / medium entities and start ups / green field projects.
We are looking for Franchisees in non-metro industrial hubs. The person / firm should have good local contacts, management acumen (preferably MBAs / CAs / Engineers) and reasonable financial strength.
We will provide you with our brand identity along with our entire range of HR/ OD solutions. Our franchisee - support will include supervision & help in the execution of assignments; printed materials & soft copies, training and business networking.
The franchisee should lead in local business development, local coordination and resource management.
Contact: Mr Sandeep Mukherjee, CEO, Mob: 09830261310