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Organizational Development is often equated with a few specific processes & initiatives. Traditionally the theme of 'change' and 'management of change' are like the life blood to the concept of Organizational Development (OD).
We approach Organisational Devolopment(OD) in a more customized fashion. 'Change' is obviously an essential aspect in any situation where the organization is looking for a solution to an existing problem.
However the word 'change' often becomes a fad. Hence the blind and automatic use of this word presupposes the compulsion to alter what exists now in an organization i.e., the status quo.
But suppose the organizational diagnosis shows that the actual problem itself is a misplaced imperative to change?
People Power provides customized services in organizational diagnostics leading to tailor made Organisational devolopment (OD) solutions for real life situations, symptoms and problems.

In a nutshell, the basics of Organisational Devolopment (OD) involve the solution to organizational problems through processes which foster:

  • The understanding of people as individuals and their interrelationships as a team.
  • The involvement and empowerment of individuals and groups in carrying the process forward, on their own steam.
  • The alignment of the organization???s direction and priorities with the motivations and actions of individuals and groups.
  • The entire exercise is to be designed and implemented keeping in view the cultural and evolutionary parameters of the organization in question.