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What kind of a person are you?
How do you relate to the world?

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How do other people see you?
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What is HR Audit

Is your HR Department effective? Is your HR Function helping you or putting you at risk?

In today’s competitive business environment, every part of an organisation must demonstrate its contribution to enterprise success. The way HR Services in India is handled can either strengthen an organisation or put it at risk of suffering attrition, inefficiency, low productivity, low morale or statutory non-compliances.

Conducting an audit can provide key insights into how well HR delivers its share of value creation while identifying areas of potential liability. Human Resource Management (HRM) has experienced a strong evolution. In order to provide useful information to managers, it is necessary to evaluate the results generated by the design and implementation of personnel policies. This is the goal of the HR audit that includes two different analysis and valuations: the HR policies and their level of relevance with the strategy of the firm and the characteristics of human capital.

An HR audit Service in India is a systematic review of the HR function, its strategic direction, structure and resources, systems and procedures; gaps and risks, costs and capabilities; and ultimately, its contribution to the organisation.

We provide well defined diagnostic tools to measure HR’s performance against an organisation's expectations and leading practices, and target areas that would benefit from improvement.